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  • Search: Check that the radius distance is correct, then either click on the map or
    use the search box.
    Search examples:
    Address:400 Van Ness Ave   or   Mission and Van Ness
    Parcel:0787/001   or   0787 001  or  0787-001   or   0787\001  or   0787001
    Parcel List (comma separated):3136001, 3136002, 3136018, 3136019
    Planning Application Number:2011.0218   or   2011.0218Q   or 2014-000028COA
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    Click     to add a layer to the map.
    Click     to remove a layer from the map.
    Click "Clear Map" to remove all map layers.

  • Create Printabe Version:
    The main map can be difficult to print or copy into another application (e.g. MS Word). Click the 'Printable Version of the Map' link to create a map that is more easily printed or copied.


  • The accuracy of the address and parcel search is limited by the accuracy of the source data: addresses come from the City's Enterprise Addressing System (managed by DBI and DT), parcels come from the Department of Public Works. While both of these sources are generally of high quality they are unlikely to be perfect. The Enterprise Addressing System can occasionally miss unit addresses within rental apartment buildings - in these instances a base address for the entire building will exist but the units may be missing.

  Data Updates/Sources:  

  • All data are updated every evening.


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You can also create your own URL to link to which will automate a search. To do this add "?search=" to the URL followed by the text to search for, e.g.:

You can also add a parameter to use a particular buffer distance. To do this add "&buffer=" to the URL followed by the buffer distance you wish to use, e.g.:


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Please contact Mike Wynne (, Senior GIS Analyst at the San Francisco Planning Department for further support.

  • For questions about using this website, technical feedback or suggestions to improve this site please contact Mike Wynne (, Senior GIS Analyst and developer of this website at the San Francisco Planning Department.
  • For questions related to the Addresses please contact the Department of Technology (
  • If you are not sure who to contact then send your question to Mike Wynne (, Senior GIS Analyst at the San Francisco Planning Department.

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